The team of the Company “PIXOLAIN” invites to get acquainted, and offers You to choose Your favorite furniture for children from their assortment, named “PELIUKO BALDELIAI”, which would provide lots of good emotions for a child, and remind the adults of their childhood dreams.

   The Company has been producing different kinds of advertising works, as well as the elements of interior and exterior for long time, and has a great experience in dealing with various forms and colors. By expanding its production, the Company acquired more additional equipment, with the help of which, they managed to increase the Company’s possibilities to use more materials and different kinds of them. These materials may be used not only for the production of advertising works. For example, foam polystyrene is the compositional material, also used in industry; plywood is the material, from which the furniture “PELIUKO BALDELIAI” is made of. These articles are particular, because they are light, easy to assemble, no screws, no glues, no sharp edges, their surfaces may be natural, lacquered, colored and coated with HPL covering.

   The design of this furniture may be exclusive and nominal. There is even a possibility to decorate the furniture personally and to adapt it accordingly to the individual space. The manufacture of each furniture starts from the idea, draft, detailed image and presentation of the visual 3D model. After examining of the future furniture project, the final decision may be made concerning the combinations of the colors and design. In case if You have Your own ideas, we will always consider all the possibilities and will offer You the optimal solutions. 





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